Respecting Children’s Energy Personalities Fosters Good Health

Here is a sample of my latest article for Health & Healing about Children’s Health.

We are born with a blueprint of our core energy characteristics. Our energy personality affects how we process interactions with others and our environment. Our energy personalities go beyond the face we show the world. They influence how we do our best work, what situations and environments feel comfortable to us, where we are naturally vulnerable and where we are inherently strong.

As children enter the environment of their homes and families as babies, they are immediately surrounded by the energy of other people and the culture of their family. In these early stages of development, children start receiving explicit and implicit messages about themselves. They soon pick up on whether the way they are naturally is valued and approved, or believed to be deficient and in need of changing.

To foster health and wellbeing, caregivers should respect children’s innate temperaments. When adults are kind, respect a child’s reasonable assertion of boundaries, and communicate love and appreciation, children are enabled to grow into themselves safely. They learn to navigate the world and their relationships from a place of appropriate power. When this does not happen the repercussions can cause serious emotional and physical issues”.


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