New Core Shamanic Drumming Circle!

Shamanic Drumming Circle

I am happy to announce the beginning of a new core shamanic drumming circle! The last circle I co-founded has been meeting for over ten years. It’s provided the opportunity for a spiritual community to gather and support each other in our exploration of shamanism. It’s changed and evolved over the years. I look forward to creating this new group with you!

The first circle will be on May 21st from 7:00 – 9:00. Our focus will be on journeying and creating sacred space as a group. There will be time each gathering for drumming. We will have a balance between journeying on group topics and personal questions.

Core shamanic journeying is required for these gatherings.

Please contact me if you would like to learn to journey. A Shamanic Journeying Intensive is available in the evening on Friday, May 11.

Please visit the Events page for more information and registration information for the circle and classes.

Wishing you a peaceful heart,

2 thoughts on “New Core Shamanic Drumming Circle!”

  1. Mara, where are you located? I have just moved from Asheville to Charlotte and have not yet found the Shamanic community on which I thrive. I believe we have been in contact earlier….a few years back. I have worked with Marna Young in Asheville in the Andean Q’uero contexts and with others in the Michael Harner approaches. I so hope you are nearby! Katherine

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