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Created by Mara Bishop, WholeSpirit provides space for personal healing through individual sessions and has been a gathering spot for shamanic drumming circles and classes for over 20 years. Those trained here have gone on to use their learning to create new ventures, add skills to existing careers, and better navigate their lives.

WholeSpirit is based on core principles of spiritual healing and personal evolution. We offer sessions for intuitive consultations, shamanic healing and counseling, and energetic healing. To support your spiritual practice, we also offer instruction in nature based healing, shamanic journeying, creating healthy energetic boundaries (Energy Ecosystem), and books and training to learn about shamanism, developing intuition, and other forms of emotional and spiritual wellness. 

WholeSpirit sessions and trainings focus on direct revelation, recognizing the spirit in all things, and creating mutual relationships with nature, these are practices aligned with shamanic beliefs from around the world, but are not seated within a specific indigenous culture. We are careful not to appropriate traditions, ceremonies, or rituals, or to claim the title of shaman.



WholeSpirit is located in beautiful, eclectic Durham, North Carolina. A vibrant food scene, rich cultural and natural resources, many colleges and universities, Research Triangle Park (RTP), and creative small businesses, combine to make this a great place to live and work. Described affectionately as “a historical haven” and “a sanctuary for the spectacular,” Durham has been home for over 20 years. While this place has indeed been a sanctuary for us, acknowledging those who came before us is important, especially because this place was far from a sanctuary for those who where enslaved, or violently displaced, in this region. Our land acknowledgment says a little more.

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Land Acknowledgment

Mara Bishop and WholeSpirit recognize that the place where we live and work is situated on land that was taken from indigenous peoples by white colonists. The land in the Piedmont region of North Carolina in and around Durham was that of the Adshusheer, Eno, Occaneechi, Sappony/Saponi, Shakori, and Tuscarora people. Many other tribes lived, and live currently, in North Carolina, including in the beautiful mountains in the west, where this photo was taken. This land has also witnessed over 400 years of the enslavement and mistreatment of African people and their descendants. In order to create healing for the future we believe we need to acknowledge and learn about the past, and to recognize how we can collectively work toward bringing justice and peace to this place for all people, as well as for the other livings beings who share this place with us.


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