Create healthy, adjustable energetic boundaries based on where you are and who you are with. Explore your unique ecosystem, your innate energy temperament.

“It was extraordinary. It’s a masterpiece of understanding our own energy and how others affect us. It was awesome… incredible.”

P.S., Apex, NC

Finding Your Power at Home

Spiritual Tools for Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries in an Overconnected World

Accessing Non-Ordinary Reality

Gorgeous Purple and Crimson Clouds Seen During Sunset - Shamans Throughout History Have Studied and Honored The Spirit of Clouds and Sky


Personal  Evolution  Counseling®

Shamanic Counseling ∴ Intuitive Consulting ∴ Energy Healing

Our world is shifting. These complex and potent times call for new ways of working, living, and healing. Maybe you’re experiencing imbalance, overload, or pain that’s hard to manage on your own. Maybe you’re ready to change old patterns, or feel called to a new path. Personal Evolution Counseling sessions combine three powerful healing modalities—shamanism, intuition and  energy healing—to provide a customized plan for spiritual healing, personal growth, and emotional well-being.

Wherever we are, the powers within the web of life and the keys to our personal evolution are available. Enjoy 365 Journeys towards insight.

“A beautiful and timely book…These practices are so needed now to restore balance to the planet and our own lives.”

Sandra Ingerman, author of A Book of Ceremony and Walking in Light

Mara Bishop, M.S., Th.M., C.S.C., is an intuitive consultant, shamanic practitioner, teacher, author, and artist. She is the owner of WholeSpirit. In her private practice, Mara combines intuitive consultations, shamanic healing, shamanic counseling, Reiki, and Healing with Spiritual Light. Her Personal Evolution Counseling™ provides each client with an integrated approach to spiritual healing, personal growth and emotional well-being. More information about the services provided by WholeSpirit are on the Sessions pages. Learn more about Mara Bishop’s training and background on the About Mara page.

Mara Bishop, author, shamanic teacher and counselor, energy healer, and intuitive consultant, outside in nature near old stone walls with fall red maple leaves
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Art | Creativity

Creating art was one of the first ways I connected to spiritual assistance. Over time, I’ve merged my spiritual and creative practices. Before I start a painting, I set the intention of opening myself to peaceful, healing energy and allowing it to come through me onto the canvas.  When I paint I enter into a meditative state and let color and form flow naturally. In my art, as in my life, I am inspired by nature and the spiritual aspects of the world around me. My intention is for the viewer to be positively affected by the energy the paintings radiate, in addition to the way they look in their homes, offices or places of worship. By focusing on my intention, and by painting while embodying healing energy, I create healing objects that beautify and harmonize any space.


Commissions are available.

Land Acknowledgment

Mara Bishop and WholeSpirit recognize that the place where we live and work is situated on land that was taken from indigenous peoples by white colonists. The land in the Piedmont region of North Carolina in and around Durham was that of the Adshusheer, Eno, Occaneechi, Sappony/Saponi, Shakori, and Tuscarora people. Many other tribes lived, and live currently, in North Carolina, including in the beautiful mountains in the west, where this photo was taken. This land has also witnessed over 400 years of the enslavement and mistreatment of African people and their descendants. In order to create healing for the future we believe we need to acknowledge and learn about the past, and to recognize how we can collectively work toward bringing justice and peace to this place for all people, as well as for the other livings beings who share this place with us.

Inclusivity | Diversity | Equality

At WholeSpirit we value diversity, inclusivity, and equality for all people regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, disability, or religious or spiritual affiliation. Our goal is for everyone we work with to feel valued and respected.

We also believe that respectful and compassionate inclusivity must encompass the non-human beings with which we share this world. Animals, plants, mountains, rivers, and ecosystems, should, in their own way, be honored and considered in how we interact with one another and create healthy communities for us all.

WholeSpirit sessions and trainings focus on direct revelation, recognizing the spirit in all things, and creating mutual relationships with nature. While these practices are aligned with many shamanic beliefs from around the world, they are not seated within a specific indigenous culture. We are careful not to appropriate traditions, ceremonies, or rituals, or claim the title of shaman.


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