Month: February 2015

Respecting Children’s Energy Personalities Fosters Good Health

Here is a sample of my latest article for Health & Healing about Children’s Health. We are born with a blueprint of our core energy characteristics. Our energy personality affects how we process interactions with others and our environment. Our energy personalities go beyond the face we show the world. They influence how we do …

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Your Brain is Wired for Compassion

I thought this research, condensed into a short video titled We Are Built to Be Kind, was interesting. I’m frequently exploring the boundaries of compassion and empathy with myself and with clients. How much of each is necessary for a just and loving society? How much becomes incapacitating emotionally, and even physically, for the deeply empathic? …

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Love Nest

I had a moving experience this morning. I was working with a client and setting an intention and request for loving, supportive energy to surround her. I was looking out the window through the branches of the mostly bare beech trees. A squirrel ran out along one of the finest, grey branches and gathered some of the …

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