It was really cool to experience the remote reiki session...
I experienced all of the same dreamy mind & body sensations! I could tell exactly when it was over. P.K.

I have given the book (Inner Divinity) to three people each of whom has talked about how meaningful it was to them and how much they enjoyed it! W.K.

I appreciate all that you have taught us, Mara.
It's been a life changing experience. D.M.

My psychiatrist...was so blown away by my response to the Reiki
you did on my heart, that he specifically said that I need to keep that up! R.T.

I love, love, love your daily journeying messages!
They always strike such a nerve with me, but in a soothing, loving comforting way. K.J.

My time with you has been profound.
It has re-shaped how I interact with the world. G.D.

When you put your hands on my head I felt so much energy coming from your hands. And I just felt like I wanted to smile.
I started to feel so happy. I have never had an experience like that in my life. H.J.

I really love 365 journeys and look forward to receiving
the journey theme for each day. Today's was serendipitous!
Thank you for this wonderful program that helps with that centering. B.A.

Doing this work makes me want to run
and play like a child! B.A.

I am looking at life with eyes wide open and see
infinite possibilities at every turn. Thank you Mara
for embracing my spirit, confirming what I already knew and teaching me what I had not yet conceived. J.M.

I start each day reading your
365 entry. Those are great! H.K.

Thank you for holding such a beautiful space for us
and for being such an amazing teacher. A.M.

This is a miracle. I’ve had migraines since I was twelve.
For the last 2 weeks I haven’t had one.
It’s a miracle. J.K.

I have read and re-read (Inner Divinity)! It's covered with post-it-notes and pencil marks. I carry it with me daily...just having it with me...just brings me such peace.
You are truly motivational. B.T.

It was wonderful of you to conduct our class this past Tuesday! You were so appreciated by the group and received high marks from all! U.L.

I am feeling amazing. You are incredible! M.J.

This brilliant book enables me to continue and expand my personal journey. K.H.

I left feeling like not the same person. It was very profound. Positive...M.K.

You are the best therapist I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of them. You know exactly where the healing needs to happen. A.D.

This book is incredible (Inner Divinity). Great information for transforming you life. Easy to read. Easy to put into practice. Lovingly done. G.C.

It’s been magical!
You have opened up a whole new world...C.G.

You are the perfect person to talk to about this stuff because you won't give the psychotherapy line, but can hold space for me to have my own exploration. When you said you didn't do predictions, I was disappointed at first, but then I realized what you do is much better . G.A.

(Inner Divinity is) a wealth of information in a very well-written book. She defines the basics of many -isms we may have heard of but don't really understand, as well as wealth of exercises to guide us in our journey through life. If you have never read anything on inner power, I strongly suggest this book. J.M.

The journeying has been what I’ve been looking for (without realizing it until it was there) my entire life - it’s been more than I ever would have dared to dream was possible. C.W.

Finding you is the best thing that’s happened because of this disease...Neurologically things are s changing. I feel like my PTSD is so much better. S.A.

I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your suggestions each day.
So often, I find that they are just what I need! M.M.

Spirit really shines through you. You’re luminous W.C.

These comments do not represent a warranty or prediction of what your experience may be.

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