Spiritual Tools for Creating Healthy Energetic
Boundaries in an Overconnected World

Turn your sensitivity into strength, creating resilience and avoiding burnout. With tools and practices for protecting, clearing, and nourishing your energy this course can help you create strong, adaptable energetic boundaries. Audio course from Sounds True. Listen to a sample of the course or in-depth podcast.

Find Your True Nature
 Through Nature

Enatured™ helps humans consciously engage the environment for relationship, support, and restoration. Enatured draws from shamanism, psychology, mindfulness, and scientific research about nature. Studies show nature’s positive physical and emotional effects on humans. Indigenous cultures teach that we are interconnected.

One Year In-Depth Program
 Small Cohort

In-depth program of spiritual exploration for developing ongoing personal spiritual practice with a small cohort. Methods used draw from shamanism, intuitive development, psychology, mindfulness, and nature-based practices for personal and collective evolution. Application deadline 8/20/22. Start date 10/4/22.

Monthly Open Circle
All Welcome

365 Journeys Circle sacred tree

Monthly online circle. No experience necessary. Based on journeys from Shamanism for Every Day: 365 Journeys, This circle is free to join. Donations are welcome and will be shared with organizations committed to preserving the environment. Journey, meditate, pray or contemplate on the topic for the day as you wish.

Create Healthy, Adjustable Energetic Boundaries
& Explore Your Innate Energy Temperament

Pink lotus flower in pond – Navigating Your Energy Ecosystem provides tools to create healthy spiritual boundaries

Create healthy energetic boundaries that adjust naturally based on where you are and who you are with. Explore your unique ecosystem, your innate energy temperament. Now more than ever, we understand the importance of managing our boundaries of self and other – physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually.

Personal Pantheons &
Accessing Non-Ordinary Reality

Shamanic journeying classes teach core shamanic methods to access non-ordinary realms and connect with helping spirits for guidance, healing, protection, relationship. Using shamanic drumming, also called sonic driving, we will create safe and sacred space to journey to meet your power animal

Shamanic journeying allows us to directly access spiritual assistance. Spirit teachers and power animals provide a profound source of wisdom, support and healing. They are available to us if we make the effort to develop a relationship with them. No experience is necessary to join this introductory class.

Finding Your Power at Home

Backyard Shamanism: Find Your Power at Home taught by Mara Bishop. Blue and black butterfly represents transformation and personal evolution through connection to animals, plants, elements and spirits of place

Shamanism basic training: ancient skills for extraordinary times. In these times of crisis, two truths have risen to the surface like never before. Coming home is powerful, and everything is connected. These are also essential aspects of shamanism. Shamanism provides us with effective, time-tested practices for personal and collective transformation.

Other Courses & In Depth Training

Reiki I through
Master Teachers

Healing With
Spiritual Light

Inner Divinity &
Intuitive Development

Evolving Shamanism: Creativity

Medicine for
the Earth

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