Love Nest

I had a moving experience this morning. I was working with a client and setting an intention and request for loving, supportive energy to surround her. I was looking out the window through the branches of the mostly bare beech trees. A squirrel ran out along one of the finest, grey branches and gathered some of the leaves that still clung there. She stuffed them into her mouth. She reached out as far as she could stand without losing her balance, grabbed some more, tucked them in with the others in her mouth, and scampered purposefully up the main trunk of the beech.  I notice each year that, unlike their neighbors, the beech trees hold on to some of their leaves until spring. The squirrel repeated this process many times. Of course, mama squirrel is creating her nest! I assume mama, forgive me if it was papa squirrel, I mean no disrespect.

Her nest. She was making her nest from the very leaves left oddly all winter on the beech branches. I had this moment of profound appreciation for nature. Bless you beech tree for saving the perfect bedding for mama squirrel to craft a love nest for her babies! Bless you mama squirrel for your tireless trips up and down the tree and back and forth across the yard all morning carrying those lovingly chosen baby blankets picked from the slimmest of branches to craft your love nest. Bless you Mother Nature for creating such elegant balance. I felt a little ashamed for all these years of mild irritation at my lovely beeches for not dropping their leaves in a timely manner like everyone else so I could maintain order in the yard. I also felt inspired to love our world and pay better attention.

I remember creating a love nest for my daughter before she was born, preparing soft welcoming spaces for her to inhabit. I can relate to mama squirrel’s determined focus as she gathered supplies. I love nests of all kinds. Maybe part of this attraction is about what they symbolize. The nurturing and safe spaces we lovingly create for our offspring (physically, emotionally, energetically) are one way that we can honor and reflect the way earth has created nurturing and safe spaces for us.

With love,

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