Shining Bright Without Burning Out: Spiritual Tools for Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries in an Overconnected World

Available for pre-order through Sounds True! Ship/download date: March 1, 2022. Subscribe for info about events.

From Sounds True:

“Turn your sensitivity into a strength with tools and practices for protecting, clearing, and nourishing your energy. Our world is becoming increasingly connected—and not only because of technology. Many of us are waking up to our energetic and spiritual interconnectedness, as well. For those in healing professions, as well as any empathic and sensitive souls, this can feel overwhelming, confusing, and draining.

In Shining Bright Without Burning Out, veteran practitioner of 25 years Mara Bishop teaches that we have far more ability to keep our energy healthy and sovereign than many people realize. Drawing from research in neuroscience, psychology, fundamental meditation principles, and time-tested shamanic healing methods, Bishop shows us how to adjust the porousness of our energetic bodies at will, so we can remain both clear and connected.

This empowering eight-part audio program is full of teachings, energy practices, meditations, and shamanic journeys to give you critical energy protection skills.

Highlights include:

• Understand the difference between healthy compassion and draining empathy
• Explore your energetic personality archetypes—Are you a hummingbird? Bull? Puppy?
• Discover the three phases of energy protection
• Prevent future burnout by building your energetic immune system

For anyone feeling overstimulated and exhausted by our increasingly overconnected world, Shining Bright Without Burning Out offers a practical and personal guide to staying sane, healthy, and clear”

Online Course June 4 & 5, 2022 will draw from both Your Energy Ecosystem© and Shining Bright Without Burning Out.

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