More About Shamanism for Every Day

For thousands of years, practitioners of shamanism have found healing and wisdom by connecting to their own spirits and the spirit that lives in all things. Shamanism can be practiced by anyone. Wherever we are, the powers within the web of life and the keys to our personal evolution are available.

A Huge Range of Topics

With daily practices designed to enhance your sense of wellbeing and interconnectedness to the natural word, the self, and others, longtime shamanic practitioner and intuitive consultant Mara Bishop introduces simple yet profound methods of shamanic journeying to live more fully. On this path you will:

  • Connect to your innate knowing, for calm and confidence in intense times
  • Develop meaningful relationships with nature for healing and guidance
  • Explore spiritual realms with the aid of compassionate spirits
  • Learn to manifest your goals and visions through ceremony.

A Full Year of Journeys

With 365 unique journey topics that can be used in any order, Shamanism for Every Day offers an invaluable guide to anyone searching for daily wisdom, spiritual insights and connection to the sacred.

Not Only for Shamanists!

The daily topics span spiritual practices, and can be used for:

  • Meditations
  • Journaling prompts
  • Prayer
  • Contemplation

Includes Journeying Instruction, Going Deeper & Seasonal Ceremonies​

In addition to the 365 journeys themselves, the book contains a front section on shamanism with how to journey, and an Appendix about expanding your practice with ideas for creating your own ceremonies and rituals, honoring the directions and delving deeper.

Shamanism for Every Day

What Will Your Journey Be Today?

Join Mara and many other spiritual explorers in a year-long adventure into deeper meaning, finding your personal pantheon, and the continuing evolution of your highest self.
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