Time Magazine Why Sensitivity is a Strength article

Sensitivity is a Strength: What Time Gets Right-What it Misses

Sensitivity is a Strength

“Sensitivity is largely genetic, and not something you can turn off. It is a trait linked to giftedness and something we ought to embrace. In fact, according to three decades of research, it’s not only a healthy trait, it also serves as a a powerful asset.” – Andre Solo, Time

Not surprisingly, I like this article. It acknowledges the general stigma applied to the word “sensitive” and outlines a body of research showing how high perception is a valuable skill.

I’ve spent a lot of time observing the benefits of sensitivity and also how it can make us physically, emotionally, and energetically vulnerable. The article was excellent but missed an opportunity. Boosting the benefits of being sensitive while minimizing how it can cause significant challenges goes beyond just having a little more “quiet alone time” each day and proudly showing our sensitivity to the world. These may be good places to start, but there is much more to it.

The concept of sensitivity as strength is a big part of Shining Bright Without Burning Out. It is one approach to this deeper work. If it doesn’t feel like a good fit for you, and you feel highly sensitive, I hope you find another resource to navigate this potent and sometimes challenging trait.

Praise for Shining Bright

Shining Bright without Burning Out is a skillfully crafted series of guided practices that can help natural empaths stay true to their nature without feeling depleted and overwhelmed. In this series, Mara offers energetic, imaginal and shamanistic tools that are grounded in modern psychology. This integrative approach can help today’s helpers, healers, and the naturally empathic to achieve the delicate balance between honoring our sensitive nature while maintaining healthy boundaries and avoiding burnout. Listeners will feel seen, understood, and supported by Mara as they navigate this all-important journey to inner and outer balance.

Dr. Traci Stein Award winning author of The Everything Guide to Integrative Pain Management, Host of Unpacking Possibility Podcast, Faculty Spirituality Mind Body Institute Columbia University Teachers College

Time Magazine Why Sensitivity is a Strength article

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