Animal Human Bond at Columbia University Features Enatured™

Animal Human Bond Course Columbia University Teachers College Spirituality Mind Body Institute

I’m excited to return as guest instructor for Dr. Lisa Miller’s Animal Human Bond course this year. I’ll share  Enatured™, Shining Bright Without Burning Out, and other nature-based methods with graduate students in the psychology program. We will be at an incredible animal sanctuary in upstate New York.

This is a closed course. However, let me know if you’re interested in sharing the practice of Enatured™ or the boundary toolkit Shining Bright Without Burning Out with your group or organization. Private sessions are also available.

Comments from Enatured™ participants

I practice (in nature) on a daily basis, but the uniqueness is the structure. Having the structure of the steps really helped enrich the process. So much stuff happened I could write an entire book about the 20-30 minute experience. It was so profound. The structure really helped. M.G.

Enatured is needed in the disconnected world that we live in these days. It provides an opportunity to connect deeply with nature and draw from its strength that’s always there to support us if we tap into it. M.A.

It was amazing. When I started the practice the sun had not yet come up but by the end the sun had come over the trees and the sky and river were radiant with light. I have just recently moved to this area so the woods and river and I are getting to know each other. This practice is one that will help me deepen our relationship through time. B.L.

Comments from Shining Bright Without Burning Out participants

Shining Bright without Burning Out is a skillfully crafted series of guided practices that can help natural empaths stay true to their nature without feeling depleted and overwhelmed. This integrative approach can help today’s helpers, healers, and the naturally empathic to achieve the delicate balance between honoring our sensitive nature while maintaining healthy boundaries and avoiding burnout. Dr. Traci Stein, award winning author and professor

Mara Bishop’s wisdom shines bright through her latest offering! If you are a sensitive person, have relationship challenges or are figuring out how best to re-engage socially coming out of the pandemic, this tool kit of practices and meditations is for you. Jane Norton Nature Coach and teacher

Columbia University Teachers College Graduate School of Education, Health and Psychology

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