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Find Your Genius through the Genius Loci. This is Enatured!

Find Your Genius Through the Genius Loci. What on earth? Genius who, genius where? Wait, this is Enatured™!!

I learned something recently—which maybe you already know—that excited me, especially because it fits perfectly with Enatured™. It’s a little bit of a nature-language geek out, but here it is.

(People have had some questions about Enatured™ and I’m happy to answer yours individually. My excitement about this parallel is mirrored by my excitement about this work. Join me on March 12 and find what you are seeking.)

Genius loci is the spirit of place. This part I knew. It’s a term that goes way back to the ancient Romans at least, probably farther. If you’re familiar with shamanism you are probably familiar with this concept: place has spirit/spirits reside in places. We can think of it as a guardian, or the essence of a place, or the fundamental qualities or nature of a place. You know this instinctively even if the term is new.

What I didn’t really stop to think about until recently is the literal translation of “genius” (you may be rolling your eyes at me at this point) Loci is place, sure, but genius is loosely spirit. Wait, that’s not how we use spirit today. Our current use of genius is more about aptitude and skill. But the original meaning appears to be more about the “spirit of a person or place” or a “distinctive character or spirit.” The intellectual or creative genius definition is like the fifth option according to Merriam Webster. (Also, genies, jinns – these spirits probably come from the same Latin root. But this is an etymological discussion better had over wine around my family dinner table.)

Find Your Genius Through the Genius Loci  =  Find Your Spirit Through the Spirit of Place = Find Your True Nature Through Nature. This is Enatured! Or at least a part of it.

The essential spirit, or genius, of who we are is what we long to connect to. To know and be known.

The essential spirit of the place we are (wherever we are) can help us find that genius.

Enatured logo multicolored text with green branch
The Enatured™ method is for anyone. It is repeatable on your own after training. It moves the power from a practitioner to you.

If you already spend hours outside talking to the animals and plants, this process will be a gentle scaffold to build your relationships stronger, like a trellis. It can help you gain clarity through honing focus to receive guidance and improve the two-way flow in existing relationships creating reciprocity.

If you have some issues with the elements or insects, fears, or past traumas you can do Enatured™ from the comfort of inside. This process honors your ability, mobility, and accessibility, as well as your preferences and comfort zones, for interaction. You use the method to receive guidance, support, and rejuvenation as you listen to your inner genius/spirit as it relates to the genius/spirit that resides around you.

There is a more to it, but it’s quite manageable.

For the online version of the course you will find your own space outside or inside to work. We will have cameras off while doing the method itself to give you more freedom to move and focus.

I’d love to see you in the next group or in an individual session.

Enatured™ is available as individual sessions, and group classes.


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