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Shining Bright (Even When It Feels Dark)—Adding to Your Spiritual Toolkit

Shining Bright (Even When It Feels Dark)—Adding To Your Spiritual Toolkit

Like many of you, I’ve been tracking the news of our friends in Ukraine, considering how to help, and anticipating how the situation may unfold for the region and our world.

As I see the faces and hear the words of people who are experiencing this crisis first hand, it’s easy to get emotional. Especially as a sensitive person, times like these, even at a distance, can be hard to witness. And nothing compared to those who are in the middle of intense conflicts of all kinds. If we want to help—even simply as a compassionate witness—we need to be able to tolerate the discomfort without shutting down and tuning out.

You may know that for many years I’ve worked on a toolkit for building resilience by developing the ability to adjust our energetic boundaries. Many of you have taken my Energy Ecosytem© classes and learned some of those tools. Last summer I had the good fortune to record an audio program for Sounds True called Shining Bright Without Burning Out: Spiritual Tools for Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries in an Overconnected World. It is a continuation of this work.

Given current circumstances, I debated about posting a message to let you know that it is available as of today. The idea of promoting or celebrating at this moment feels out of place. But I decided to go ahead and let you know, because it is in times of prolonged intensity that we are most at risk of burning out, most in need of tools to help us stay strong. While I don’t know the details of how this year will evolve, the time we live in is likely to get more intense rather than less so, at least for a while.

I’ve spoken to many of you who are feeling exhausted, on edge, and anxious. Sometimes disconnected, alone, or pessimistic. I’ve felt those things too. And while there are no quick fixes for burnout or depression, tools that have worked for me and others are likely worth sharing. Since the crises keep coming fast and furious, I’m sharing this now and hope you get benefit from it.

Learn more or download the 8 session audio course (or go old school and get the disks) from Sounds True here:


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Listen to my conversation about Shining Bright with Sounds True Founder Tami Simon on her podcast Insights at the Edge

Mara Bishop and Sounds True Founder Tami Simon talk about Shining Bright without Burning Out: Spiritual Tools for Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries in an Overconnected world on the podcast Insights at the Edge

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