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The Mission

Enatured™ helps us return to our true natures by returning to an experience of interconnection and relationship. Enatured™ recognizes, protects, and fosters the powerfully interconnected relationship between humans and non-human animals, plants, elements, and land.

The Method

The Enatured™ method helps us consciously engage the environment for mutual relationship, support, and restoration.

What is Enatured™ based on?

Enatured draws from ecotherapeutic and ecospiritual practices, shamanism, psychology, mindfulness, and scientific research about nature. Studies show positive physical and emotional effects on humans who engage with nature. Indigenous cultures teach that we are interconnected, a part of nature as nature is a part of us. As family, learning to observe and reciprocate fosters health and balance. Positive psychology teaches us the value of applying our innate strengths and qualities, and the value we all bring. Mindfulness helps us stay present and regulate our emotions. The name is based on the word “nature” and the prefix “en” which means to go into, be within, surround, or cause to be.

Where can I do Enatured™?

Enatured is a learning and wellness tool that can be done almost anywhere. Once learned, it can be done as a self-directed process or with a facilitator, in person or remotely. Being outside physically is an ideal way to practice, but having a view outside, or envisioning natural places are also good ways to work. This is designed as an accessible practice.

  • Access to pristine and private natural settings is a privilege. We focus on relating with nature everywhere and anywhere. From inner city to suburbs to rural spaces, from inside our homes to inside our bodies: nature is ever present.
  • Not everyone has the same ability to get outside or move around freely. The methods we use are adaptable to any level of physical ability and access to the outside. Practice Enatured™ while immersed in nature, while inside with a view of outside environments, and while inside using imagination and visualization of natural spaces.
  • Personal spiritual and religious beliefs can inform our experiences with nature, animals, plants, and place, but there is no belief system necessary to do this process.

Private Sessions

For Private Sessions, please know in advance if you will work:

Group Classes

For Group Sessions: You will receive instructions prior to the meeting date.

Next class is TBD

Preparing Before

Once you’ve scheduled your private or group training, you will receive additional instructions about how to get ready. If you have not received an email with this information within a few days prior to the meeting time, please contact Mara.

Please be prepared to take notes of what you experience.

Processing After

After your session, please take notes about what happened during your session. Pay attention to and note how you feel for several days after. You may receive an invitation to provide feedback.

Thank you!

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