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How Do You Shine Bright? Sounds True Blog Post

Sounds True Blog: How Do You Shine Bright? Managing Your Energy Ecosystem™

Sounds true just published this essay: When you hear the phrase “shining bright,” what does it evoke for you? Does it mean being yourself? Is it radiance, openness, or casting your energy outward toward others? Is it being the center of attention? For me, shining bright is about sustainable personal energy, understanding your unique spiritual […]

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Creating Energetically Healthy Environments

From the shamanic perspective, everything has a spiritual or energetic structure that supports and informs the physical states we perceive with our physical senses. Creating healthy environments is important. Equally important is maintaining your health regardless of what environment you are in. To achieve those goals from an energetic perspective, two approaches are effective. The

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Learning to Walk in Beauty

My article, “Learning to Walk in Beauty” just came out in the Balance edition of Health and Healing Magazine. To feel balanced is to feel happy, powerful, and peaceful. Without balance our systems deteriorate. To be out of balance physically causes disease. When we are out of balance emotionally—“beside ourselves” with feeling—we lack the ability to

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