Creating Energetically Healthy Environments

From the shamanic perspective, everything has a spiritual or energetic structure that supports and informs the physical states we perceive with our physical senses. Creating healthy environments is important. Equally important is maintaining your health regardless of what environment you are in. To achieve those goals from an energetic perspective, two approaches are effective. The first is restoring balance to energetic ecosystems. The second is developing strong energetic boundaries, so that even if you must spend time in an unhealthy environment, you remain healthy.

The first approach involves energetically cleansing the environments we inhabit. Some methods used in ceremony for thousands of years are effective today. Using smoke to purify and protect is a technique used by people of many cultures and religions, such as the ancient Greeks and Romans, Europeans of the Middle Ages, and indigenous people of North America.
The second approach, creating strong personal energetic boundaries, helps us individually and also contributes to the overall health of the environment. Analogous to having a robust immune system, having strong energetic boundaries allows you to withstand exposure to toxic environments without getting sick. This is a focus of my Energy Ecosystem work.


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