Spiritual Art on Display at Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill

Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill is currently showing my paintings. They will be on display until June. 

I’m very happy to have them there. Since I paint from a spiritual perspective it’s always nice for me to have the work in a spiritual environment.

For more information about the art itself, visit www.marabishop.com. Additional paintings are available that are not yet on the website and commissions are also available.

Here is a statement about the work.

I’ve merged my spiritual and creative practices. Before I start a painting, I set the intention of opening myself to peaceful, healing energy and allowing it to come through me onto the canvas.  When I paint I enter into a meditative state and let color and form flow naturally. In my art, as in my life, I am inspired by nature and the spiritual aspects of the world around me. My intention is for the viewer to be positively affected by the energy the paintings radiate, in addition to the way they look in their home or workplace. By focusing on my intention, and by painting while embodying healing energy, I create healing objects that beautify and harmonize any space.

Unity is located at 8800 Seawell School Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. 

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