Spirit – Mind – Body + Nature in Session

Spirit – Mind – Body + Nature

I offer a variety of ways to work one-on-one. We usually integrate several methods within sessions: intuitive guidance, spiritual healing, earth-based practices, etc. In 2024, I will still customize your sessions to what you need. As I am certified in ecotherapy, I often bring nature into the spirit-mind-body equation.


We are nature. We feel the stress of what’s happening in the natural world the way we feel what’s happening to ourselves, other humans, and beings of all kinds. We can’t really isolate ourselves from the world around us (although some of us try pretty hard!). Our environments affect our overall well-being and vice-versa. Healthy relationships are reciprocal.


Ecospiritual counseling, ecotherapy, and shamanic healing are practices with distinct qualities. There are many other ways to describe nature/spirit-based work. Specific language can clarify what we do and it can become an unnecessary barrier. The intersection of spirit, mind, body, and nature is where our power lies.


If you want to explore this please let me know. Enatured®is all about it! Ecotherapy is helpful, especially if you are experiencing some big emotions around nature and climate. Ecospiritual practices blend the physical world with the spirit that infuses us all. If any of these ideas call to you, I look forward to seeing you soon!

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