light orbs fast pivots unlearned lessons new beginnings

Fast Pivots, Unlearned Lessons, and New Beginnings

Fast Pivots, Unlearned Lessons, and New Beginnings. In a recent interview for CanvasRebel Magazine I was asked some excellent questions.

Fast Pivots

They asked for a time when I needed to pivot. A lot of us have experienced the need to pivot in different ways. I shared three examples in the article (which you can read here) and the following was a fast pivot to be sure!

“There was a specific time I had to pivot quickly which was a bit nerve-wracking. I was about to speak at a university medical center and was gathering myself outside the lecture hall a few minutes before going in. I was asking for some support and guidance: that what needed to happen in the session would, that it would be helpful, etc.

I heard that I needed to do something very different from what I’d planned. It was the kind of presentation with a PowerPoint and a lot of time spent preparing, so this was not welcome guidance. More like, Are you kidding me?! I tried to do as I was advised. In this work, there is a fine line between being prepared and being willing to change those plans because something else is needed, so hopefully, I was somewhere near that line.

Unlearned Lessons

Another question was about lessons I needed to unlearn. This is a big one. The very short answer to this is about production and doing/being good. (read more here)

New Beginnings

As we enter this new year, let’s consider how we may want or need to pivot, what lessons are due to be unlearned, and what new beginnings we are ready to create.

If you would like guidance and/or assistance with developing a plan for creating a New Year that inspires you book a initial consultation or a free 15 min intro session here.

More detail at WholeSpirit, specifics on the Sessions and Guide pages.

light orbs fast pivots unlearned lessons new beginnings

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