Learning to Walk in Beauty

My article, “Learning to Walk in Beauty” just came out in the Balance edition of Health and Healing Magazine.

To feel balanced is to feel happy, powerful, and peaceful. Without balance our systems deteriorate. To be out of balance physically causes disease. When we are out of balance emotionally—“beside ourselves” with feeling—we lack the ability to respond rationally to the events of our lives. To be spiritually imbalanced implies that we’ve lost our internal compass, that guiding force that helps us navigate toward truth.

The Navajo people have a saying: May you walk in beauty. Although I am not Navajo, my understanding is that it means: May you lead a harmonious life. May you have balance within yourself. May your relationships be agreeable. May you be at peace with your surroundings. As you walk through your day, and move through different environments, may you not be pulled too far to one extreme or another. May you create beauty with your words and your deeds, and may that beauty be reflected back to you. May you find peace within and without.

The practice of shamanism can help us achieve this balance. My goal with clients is to help them find equilibrium: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Although a person may come with a physical complaint, I look at the complete picture; what is underlying the manifestation of symptoms on an energetic level? From the shamanic perspective, I then address where the imbalances lie. Often the results are surprising.

A client who was struggling with intense pain from what she thought was plantar fasciitis wrote: “The healing work that you did on my legs and feet recently was totally unexpected. I cannot believe how quickly the pain disappeared after that session. To find out that the pain was not even my own was eye opening.” Read more…

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