Finding Your Passion Shamanically

I’m getting ready for drumming circle tomorrow and thinking about how we find joy in life. Meaningful joy. Sometimes the requirements of daily life, the beliefs we carry with us from childhood, and the messages from society can distract or impede us from spending time in joyful states. These states can be brought about by doing particular activities that resonate deeply with our true selves, maybe without us even understanding why. They can be brought on by being in certain environments, or with certain people or groups of people. They can be brought on by work or by play, or in ideal circumstances when both align. Sometimes we forget what affects us this way and need to look for it. Sometimes we know the “what,” but have lost touch with it or don’t make time for it. Usually it’s not just one “thing.” 

Although there are many things that can help us have the experience of joy, we can cultivate joy by turning inward rather than turning outward to particular circumstances. Happiness can be fleeting, contingent upon external circumstances. Although we can become familiar with the sensation of joyfulness through some of these connections, joy is really about maintaining an inward balance. Rejoicing in our existence, even when it’s complicated, even when it’s painful. Hopefully along the way you can find ways to spend your time, people to spend your time with, and places to spend your time in that reflect joyfulness back to you.

We’re going to explore this topic tomorrow night at the drumming circle (more information), and in more depth on Tuesday, June 18th at 7:00 on the Reawaken Your Brillance web TV Panel discussion. 

Wishing you a peaceful heart,

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