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Enatured™ – One woman’s surprising discoveries

Enatured™ makes more sense after you try it! Here is what one lovely woman shared after doing it and being surprised by the effects it had, despite the other practices she did regularly.

Is this different from what I already do?

When Mara told me about her Enatured™ program I was intrigued. It seemed like something that could be meaningful to so many people, but, me? I journey, I meditate (well, sometimes), I do yoga, I walk in nature every day, multiple times; surely, I was not going to experience some big insights or flashes of knowledge. With great interest but not great expectations for myself, I signed up to be a test subject for her. Well, that of course, added the additional performance anxiety. I’m a huge Mara fan, what if I didn’t like it, what if her premises didn’t work, what if…what if..what if…? So, with a spinning mind and an open heart, one cool but beautiful winter day, Mara and I sat in her backyard and began the process.  

The more I engaged as Mara guided me through the steps of the process, the more my inner world and the outer natural environment seemed to merge. The trilling of the bird turned into an internal flute within me. The wind outside was buffeting my internal flute while also brushing up against the skin on my face (the rest of me was deeply ensconced in my warm blanket).

It took a few minutes to settle in, it was a little chilly and ever solicitous, Mara offered a blanket or a sleeping bag, the dogs asked for a little attention, I made some adjustments to get comfortable and then I focused. As Mara guided me through the experience, I heard the birds, the rustling of the ivy, the scurrying of the squirrels. The knowledge that I could re-anchor myself in my current natural environment kept my monkey mind from going off in unhelpful directions.

True Inner Backbone and Sense of Strength

As it continued my sense of self and self-awareness grew. I feel like I reengaged with my true inner backbone and sense of strength. I discovered that the external wind and the internal debris that was making a hurricane against my internal spine of steel (my flute) could come flying at me all it wanted, but I didn’t need to let it in.  I was strong in my sense of self and my belief in my self.

Maybe for some this is self-evident and maybe re-finding my inner strength and voice at the age of 58 is awfully late, but, for me, in that moment and at this time in my life, it was enlightening, empowering, and intense. And, I found that in the moments that were too intense, I could pause, recenter myself in nature and then re-enter this place I found.

Now, three months later, not only does the imagery stay with me, but so does the strength. I find myself less quick to take on some of the drama that comes my way, more willing and able to speak my truth, and standing stronger and straighter within myself.

There was a magic for me in that afternoon doing Enatured™ with Mara in her backyard for which I am so grateful and also which I am amazed how with this season of growth upon as spring emerges, I can continue to grow and learn from the seed and the lessons of that winter day. ~WK Hillsborough NC

Enatured™ is an ecotherapy-ecospirituality practice experienced with your local environment. Practice outside or inside. It is accessible to anyone anywhere.



Enatured™ logo multicolored text with green branch

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