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Altar for WholeSpirit class weekend: Your Energy Ecosystem and Cultivating Peace & Power Shamanically

Thank you to those who joined me this weekend as we explored our Energy Ecosystems and Cultivated Peace & Power Shamanically! We had a lovely group for both days. We did plenty of deep work and also enjoyed the glorious weather, basking in the sun a bit.

The altar pictured here was a focal point for our circle. It held objects that represented the elements, offerings for the land on which we worked, and sacred items brought by participants. 

On Saturday, many people were surprised by they way their energy was affected by others when we worked in pairs. Identifying our individual energetic personalities was a big hit too. I’m going to expand that section when I run the class again. Your Energy Ecosystem Part Two is coming soon as well. On Sunday, people found new ways to transmute troubling emotions to be helpful, as well as specific tools to generate personal power.

If you were hoping to make it this weekend, and were unable to, let me know. I’ll be offering them again next year. Also let me know if you are interested in joining a shamanic apprenticeship. I’m working on next year’s calendar soon. There are many possibilities and only so much time available on everyone’s calendars for workshops. I love them all, but want to offer what is of interest to you. I welcome your feedback on which of these are particularly appealing to you.

Your Energy Ecosystem Training
Shamanism for Personal Development
Shamanic Practitioner Training 
Soul Retrieval
Accessing Intuition
Medicine for the Earth 

For information visit the WholeSpirit.com Events page. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Wishing you a peaceful heart,

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