Thriving During Times of Dramatic Change

In times of change and great upheaval like now, we have a choice to make. We can ride the currents of fear and distress that are flowing at ever faster rates through the media and the general consciousness, or we can do everything in our power to stay grounded and balanced as change happens around us and then react to events in real time in an effective and graceful way. At this month’s gathering of the Women, Power and Change group, we will revisit the pivotal topic of Thriving During Times of Dramatic Change. Great opportunities exist during times of change and upheaval. Let’s make the most of them!


Women, Power, and Change meetings are a mix of meditations, discussion and networking time. They provide tools to help you thrive during times of change. Uncertain times create rich opportunity to craft the life you wish to lead. They can snap you out of old patterns and help spotlight areas that need your attention. Now is one of those times. Especially if you are feeling shifting dynamics in your life, come and spend a few hours exploring how to manage the emotional and practical experience of living in this exciting time. This is a great opportunity to meet an interesting and engaging variety of women while learning tools for connecting with your peace and power.


Women, Power and Change
Monthly meeting – every 4th Monday
Next meeting – September 28, 2009
7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Call or e-mail to register.

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