Three Phases of Preventive Energy Medicine

My article about staying healthy energetically just came out in Health & Healing magazine.

We often can prevent illness by understanding its causes, having good health maintenance routines, and seeking professional help early. Everything we come in contact with potentially affects our health: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the materials in our homes, the buildings in which we work, and the people with whom we interact. All of these contain substances that can help foster health or create illness. Some are physical and some are energetic; an energetic environment underlies the physical environment. We inhabit the Energy Ecosystem as fully as we inhabit our physical surroundings, and it can have as much impact on our health.

Physical toxins contribute to illness. For example, exposure to some herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals (like lead, arsenic, or mercury) can cause nerve damage. Energetic toxins do something similar. They erode the integrity of our energy bodies, which then creates physical and emotional symptoms. For instance, if you are being emotionally attacked, verbally abused, or living with a rageful person, the toxic energy of anger and violence is likely permeating your energetic body. Depending on the state of your energetic boundaries, you may be able to fight off that energy for a while before you are deeply affected by it. But that energy is poisonous, not unlike the way lead is poisonous.


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