The Networked Beauty of Forests

Just watched an inspiring TED talk about how trees are networked amongst themselves, and with fungi, in fascinating symbiotic relationships. I love the part about the mother trees! They give preferential treatment to their own offspring.

The Networked Beauty of Forests by Suzanne Simard.

I was disheartened to read this week that one of the land conservancy organizations where I live has added logging to their list of activities. They have apparently clear cut areas of forest that were “preserved” using tax payer money and donations from people who thought they were helping to save the forest from destruction. I’ve had the experience of arriving happily at my favorite forest trail only to find it closed and the trees clear cut. It was devastating.

My lifelong dream is to purchase a large tract of land for preservation and spiritual use. I envision being in the midst of a large network of these amazing creatures, in the stillness and the joyful noise of nature, with some reassurance that they won’t be sold off. I’d like to share that experience with other people. I’d also like to let the trees and the other forest inhabitants simply be, without interference from humans as much as possible.

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