Refueling at Wellville

Finding the right balance of giving and receiving in our lives can be hard. Many of us are caregivers in one form or another, and that involves energy flowing out – the giving. In order to continue to give, and remain healthy (and sane) as we do it, we need to find ways to bring energy in – receiving. 

A massage is a great way to put fuel back in the tank. Whether it’s the health benefits, the relaxing environment, the soothing touch, or whatever other aspect is most nurturing to you, massage is great self care. I have been thinking about this dynamic because recently I had a massage on a day that was special to me. It was healing on several levels. I carved out time to take care of myself. How often do you do that? I encourage you to pause and really think about it for a minute. I gave up an afternoon of clients, errands, writing, and whatever else and I went to Wellville Massage & Healing Arts in Durham. And it made a difference, both before and after the session.

I’ve been going to Wellville Massage & Healing Arts for years. Kim Dupre, Wellville’s owner has created a space that has the peace and serenity of a spa, without any pretense. It’s quiet and cozy. There are no hair or nail services (which I enjoy, I’m just happy to go somewhere else for that). It is a supremely down to earth place to go and be nurtured. Kim has kept her prices very reasonable, because she believes massage should be available to as many of us as possible. The therapists are experienced and varied in their focus, and the website gives you a sense of who each of them are.

I floated home. I’m confident I did a better job being a mom, practitioner, and partner because I spent a little time refueling. And I certainly enjoyed doing all of those things more because I enjoyed some time being cared for myself.

Be good to you!

Wishing you a peaceful heart (and a happy body),

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