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How to sync with the energy of winter

How to sync with the energy of winter? Aligning with the seasons can make a big difference in whether we feel in or out of sync with ourselves and the world around us. We’re in the middle of winter. We’ve passed the complex and heightened energy of the solstice, various religious holidays and New Year celebrations. There is great focus on resolutions this time of year, with talk of new beginnings and fresh energy.

Often these next few months feel a bit different for me. Not so much times of a lot of new or outwardly creative energy, but a slower, stiller, more contemplative time. What about you?

Plant teachers

For the next while, we are in nature’s phase of preparation. It isn’t always visible. I was walking this week and noticed one of my neighbor’s gardens was mostly down to bare earth. In the other three seasons, the garden is tall with lots of foliage and blooms. There is so much that’s happening out of sight. Many plants live with much of their bodies underground, especially those plants that die all the way back above the surface but bloom up in the spring. What are tree roots doing now? What about the plants that reseed themselves annually? How are the bulbs and the fungi preparing in this season?

Finding your way to sync with winter

How can we find ways to align ourselves with this energy right now? Do we need time to be restful or fallow in preparation for a next phase? Are we hibernating more in our own ways. Are we living off the spiritual resources we focused intentionally on in earlier seasons and are now shifting our attention to deeper more inward healing or reflection? What is happening below the surface for you?

Join me for a 365 Journeys Circle to explore ideas like these with like-minded people.

Create a deliberate relationship with your natural environment with the Enatured method (one on one or in a group).

Find a resource guide to explore ways to take care of yourself and your relationships.

Read some Winter poems

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