Evolving Shamanism ~ Creation & Transformation ~ May 12 & 13

Evolving Shamanism: Creation & Transformation
Date: Saturday and Sunday, May 12 & 13
Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: WholeSpirit Center, Durham NC

Have you ever wondered how to tap your own ability to create more effectively? Wished you could put some power behind your visions of your future? In this gathering we will explore creation and transformation. 

I use the word “creativity” both in the classic sense of creating with words, color and sound, but especially in creating what you envision for yourself and your life. We’ll work with crafting your goals, dreams and visions and ways to bring them into reality.

The “transformation” piece focuses on internal and external evolution – change, progress, transmuting what doesn’t serve us into something that does. Shamanism is an ancient system that guides us in relating to the world. It has evolved as its practitioners and the world have changed. We can use these traditional methods to help us evolve, transforming who we are as individuals, and how we live in relationship to others. We’ll explore how we can work with the process of transformation intentionally to help let go of what isn’t working in our lives and to welcome in what we need to thrive.

Evolving Shamanism is a series of classes based on core shamanic journeying. Core shamanic journeying experience is required for this class. If you are interested in the class and do not have experience yet, let me know asap and we can discuss some options for learning journeying before the class. Additional workshops will follow, including topics such as shamanic healing and working with nature among others.

Cost: $250 ($225 if registered before April 1st)

To register for the class, please:

  1. Make a payment via PayPal, credit or debit card or send a check made out to Mara Bishop to PO Box 51553, Durham NC 27717.
  2. Complete the WholeSpirit class registration form. Download the form here.
  3. Once your registration form is complete, mail to the address above or email it to Mara.

Email Mara if you have questions.

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