Do You Shine in the Morning or at Night?

Do you shine in the morning or at night? The journey I picked for myself today from Shamanism for Every Day: 365 Journeys was about natural rhythms and pacing, and how we can be quite different from our loved ones. This fits my household. Some of us are pretty chipper most mornings, others could stay up and play all night! Here’s journey 104:

Natural Rhythms

Have you ever tried to get a loved one jazzed up about something in the morning—to go out, take a walk, do something fun, go to work, whatever—if they are really not a “morning person”? Not a fun experience for either party, right? That same person at 11:00 p.m. may be filled with energy and enthusiasm, while you are drooping and cranky, ready to hit the bed. When we work with our natural rhythms, rather than against them, everything flows more easily; however, we can lose sight of what our own natural rhythms are and get out of sync. When we notice and attune to our natural cycles, life generally functions better.


Journey and ask, “How can I work with my natural cycles most effectively?”

What will your journey be today? Find out in the book, or with the email delivery program. Write down your insights in the 365 Journeys Journal.

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