Distance Healing During the Holidays & Special Offer

During the holiday season we often get so busy that we have a hard time taking care of ourselves. Although there can be joyfulness surrounding the holidays I also see a lot of stress and mixed feelings. An easy way to build in some self care is with a series of distance healing sessions. Pick an intention or two for yourself, send me your photo and sign up online to receive a soothing transmission of supportive and healing energy coming your way. 

Sessions are particularly easy because it’s not essential that you are in any place in particular and you do not have to connect electronically. During the time of the session it is your choice where and how you want to be situated. 

Ideally, you can take the time for yourself to relax somewhere peaceful where you won’t be disturbed. Turn your phone off. Maybe put on some soothing music. Lie down or sit in a favorite chair. Do what makes you feel comfortable and at ease. If you have an intention, you can hold it too. And you can call on your own sources of inner healing and spiritual support. Then just relax and soak up the healing energy that will be flowing your way.

But if you are not able to create this cozy state for yourself, that’s OK. Part of the reason for setting these sessions up was to make it possible to get the energy out to you, regardless of place and time constraints. The energy will still reach you. Perhaps just take note at the start time and consciously open yourself to receiving the healing energy. 

Special offer good through December 24th ~ 3 sessions for $60 – 30% off for you or as a gift.

The next Distance Energy Healing Session is on Monday December 1st at 6:00 PM EST.

Clients say:

  • “The distance healing and love connection is working!”
  • “The distance healing session earlier this month definitely helped me tremendously.”
  • “I tangibly felt your healing work on Monday as a type of ground swell of support in alignment with the other work that I’m doing myself.”
  • “It’s amazing.”
  • “WOW!!!  It was very interesting…Today I seem to have more focus and less pain.”

Please register and send your intention and photo by Friday, November 28th.

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As always, please feel free to contact me with questions or comments, or to schedule a session.

Wishing you a peaceful heart,


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