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2019, 2020, 2021 etc.

2021 Growing up? I’ve been thinking about the numbers we are steeped in, and about the parallels between this time in our collective and in our individual lifetimes. Last year was the last year of a teenage phase. We’ve been self-centered, maybe a little reckless, oblivious to the big picture and our impact on others. This year: 20. On the cusp of adulthood? 2020, a year to see things clearly? I’m reminded of a story an older woman once told me (a story I can relate to a little better now! :). She got new glasses and looked in the mirror; she was shocked to discover she had wrinkles. She was mad! She realllly needed those new glasses, but she’d been able to walk around without realizing where things stood vis-à-vis her face. The 20/20 vision reality was not appealing to her, but it was reality nonetheless. Similarly, the reality of 2020 is not appealing, but here we are. Maybe in 2021 we will enter a new phase, seeing more clearly and acting more responsibly, while still having the hopefulness, playfulness and creativity available to the young. I hope so.

2 thoughts on “2019, 2020, 2021 etc.”

  1. I definitely agree. I think we were asked in 2020 to see the truth, to clear the vision, but many chose to ignore it and sink more into that selfish viewpoint. We come of age at 21, so let us hope and pray we begin to act with responsibility and discernment. Great blog post, Mara!

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