Gifts for you (and your friends)! E-books, CDs, and session discounts.

This is the time of year when we traditionally offer thanks and give gifts. I remember when I was growing up it didn’t feel like Christmas and Thanksgiving were so smooshed together; but, apparently stores don’t make enough money from Thanksgiving so the Christmas shopping has to start right after Halloween. Anyway…I’d like to say thank you and also give you some gifts, the order is not important. Timing is a little bit more important in that the offers stand for one month.

From now until December 2oth you may claim these gifts. Links are below.

1. Free Inner Divinity: Crafting Your Life with Sacred Intelligence CD of Guided Meditations with purchase of Inner Divinity paperback book.

2. Free Inner Divinity E-Book with purchase of Inner Divinity CD of Guided Meditations.

3. Give a friend an initial consultation (I can give you a gift certificate to wrap up) and I will send you a book and CD combo.

Not-so-fine Print: Limited supply. One per customer please. Purchases must be made from my site using the links above (not Amazon or elsewhere). You will need to pay shipping, unless you pick up in my office during a regularly scheduled appointment time. Gifts of initial consultations for new clients only please.

Visit the Store page for more information about Inner Divinity, to read an excerpt, listen to a meditation, and read what readers say about the book and CD.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Wishing you a peaceful heart,

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