Personal Evolution Counseling™ Sessions — An Overview

The process of personal transformation begins with learning, using intuitive guidance to help you see yourself more clearly. The next stage is about inspiring healing at the core energetic level. Once these two processes have begun you can integrate the new awareness and spiritual changes into your everyday life. The shifts that can happen with insight and spiritual support, combined with your active participation in making changes in your life, lead to personal evolution. Learn, Heal, Evolve.

What that process looks like depends on you. Consultations contain a unique blend of services. One week you might be most in need of data, so we would focus on intuitive consulting: getting you practical, grounded information about both the larger patterns in your life and the details of moving into the future effectively. The next week might be focused more on uncovering and addressing issues affecting you on an energetic level. That session might utilize time-tested methods to bring unity to body, mind and spirit, such as shamanic therapy. Some sessions may combine different modalities. Frequently, I will give you ideas to try at home in between sessions to help you progress more quickly.

Distance Energy Healing Sessions

Distance Energy Healing can have deep effects, physically and emotionally. I’ve designed a way to make this powerful energy work more accessible, and invite you to experience the benefits that many of my clients have already experienced.

Distance healing work is analogous to tuning into a broadcast. As I connect to healing sources and states of union with divine energy, a radiant healing frequency is created. When you are part of a session, that healing energy radiates out to you. I work with an intention of your choice.

If scheduling time at my office is challenging, or if the cost of private sessions is a barrier, this approach may be a great way to experience the incredible power of this type of healing work. If you already work with me one-on-one, these sessions can be a complement to that work.

I hold distance energy healing sessions for one hour twice a month, once during the evening and once at midday.

For more information and to register, visit the Distance Energy Healing Session Registration Information page.


Gain a fresh perspective on who you are and the patterns at play in your life. Profoundly affect the way your life progresses by understanding what dynamics are at work in your life now and how you can change them to serve you better.

The word "intuition" stems from the Latin word intueri, which means "to look within." Looking within and connecting to what I call sacred intelligence informs all aspects of the personal evolution work. I encourage you to prepare for sessions by having questions or areas that you want to discuss in mind. We may engage in a question and answer dialogue where you are seeking guidance about particular issues, or I may help you to access your own intuition.

Intuitive Consulting

Intuitive consulting provides guidance about your life today, insight into events of the past and information that may help you prepare for your future. I can address the small details of decisions you make in daily life to the larger challenges and patterns of your life as a whole.

Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic counseling is a spiritual method that follows the ancient principles of shamanism. In learning the basic practice of shamanic journeying for yourself you discover your own connection to spiritual guidance and learn how to access information for problem-solving and guidance. Mara teaches the methods and guides you in the process while you undertake and interpret your own journeys. Mara Bishop is the only Harner Certified Shamanic Counselor® in North Carolina or neighboring states such as Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, and Kentucky.


Heal at the core energetic and spiritual level, moving beyond your past into an expanded vision of your future. Using ancient shamanic and energy-based methods, you reconnect and release as needed. Although I use a variety of techniques, the overall premise of the work I do is about being a conduit for spiritual healing. There is a beauty in the mystery of this work. When one person asks for help on behalf of another it sparks a certain energy. When a person holds another person in compassion, recognizing their divine perfection, it generates another form of energy and power. Although I know techniques, I am not a technician at heart, and therefore my focus is on creating a sacred space where different factors can combine in ways to create results that are often unexplainable. Please come with an open mind. Healing work may incorporate one or more of the following methods:

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is one of the oldest forms of spiritual healing that we know of. Some of the main premises of shamanism are that we are beings of spirit, that everything in existence has a spiritual essence, and that we are interconnected. If we care for our spirits and our relationships we can help facilitate health and balance in our lives. When we work shamanically we are working in concert with the compassionate spirits who are available to help us. The practitioner is the conduit, but not the healer.

Classic shamanic healing techniques, such as soul retrieval, help address past trauma and the loss of personal power. Your psyche’s natural response to trauma is to retreat, buffering you from the full experience of emotional of physical pain. This is a healthy response. But when you don’t feel like yourself after challenging events or are suffering from depression or illness it’s possible that you need help to reestablish balance and regain that part of yourself that retreated.

Methods such as extraction help clear intrusive energies that can interfere with healthy functioning on many levels. As we move through the world, especially for people who are sensitive, it’s easy for our bodies to become burdened with energy that isn’t our own. Extractions can often help with physical and emotional symptoms, and work to help restore our boundaries.

Energy Healing

Healing with Spiritual Light originated from experiments with polluted water. Sandra Ingerman documented the remarkable effect that embodying divine energy and transmuting personal toxins had on polluted water. She translated that work to one-on-one sessions after witnessing many miraculous effects on the participants. Practitioners focus on creating sacred space, generating a harmonious field from which the client’s system is supported in finding its own natural state of balance.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that originated in Japan in the end of the 19th century. The word "Reiki" means essentially "Universal Life Energy." Reiki energy flows where it is needed and helps restore balance by inspiring a person’s systems to regulate itself. Reiki can enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself, foster mental and spiritual equilibrium, clear blocked energies, cleanse toxins from the body, and invoke a deep sense of relaxation, among other benefits.


Personal transformation is a combination of knowledge, healing and divine mystery. As your inner and outer worlds become increasingly complex, making time to focus on your personal evolution is important for your health and peace of mind. Finding the balance in how to do that productively can be hard. Knowing what to focus on and when benefits from some regular time and attention with a practitioner who can help you see things from different perspectives that are not typically available to coaches or counselors. Combining that insight with spiritual healing supports your unique path of evolution.

Many of my clients are ready for a real change in their lives – or have no choice and are making the best of it! They work with me frequently and have ongoing support as their lives change in the process. Some people want a less intense experience and schedule periodic sessions, or even a single intuitive consultation when there is a pressing need for guidance or an energetic healing session for some immediate self-care. When working one-on-one I work collaboratively to design a plan for your personal evolution that is tailored to your goals, life circumstances, and natural interests. The work evolves with you.


Inner Divinity:

Crafting Your Life
With Sacred Intelligence


  • Spirit really shines through you. You're luminous.

    — W.C., Durham NC —

Mara Bishop

M.S. Energy Medicine
Master of Theology, C.S.C.


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