Unpredictable and Challenging Times? Lighten Up and Ride the Waves

How can we thrive in these tumultuous times? Simply accepting the enigmatic nature of the times in which we live and of our own personal evolution is helpful. Many of us are going through big transitions. Our levels of clarity about where we are heading and how we should prepare vary greatly, sometimes from moment to moment.  A wide range of emotions often accompanies those perceptions. Accepting that we may need to be in the mist of uncertainty for a while will conserve energy for when we need to act. Sometimes we get glimpses of what’s to come, sometimes it’s better if we just don’t know what’s in store.

We fare better if we ride out the undercurrents of change and transformation that are welling up for us individually and collectively rather than fighting them. If we release what needs to be cleared from our lives we are lighter, and it’s easier to maneuver. Sometimes what needs to be cleared are possessions. That can be relatively easy, unless we imbue our possessions with energy and power (more about that in another article). Sometimes it’s life-long careers or dreams, and even people, that need to be released from our lives. Those losses can be devastating, regardless of whether we consciously chose to release them or they are taken from us unexpectedly. However, they make way for new and potentially delightful things to enter our lives – new relationships, new work to explore, new ways to play, and yes, sometimes even new stuff to enjoy!

Of course, “lightening up” and finding some humor and play every once and a while works wonders too. It can be a relief to take a break from our “work” of all kinds and lose ourselves in something genuinely fun or funny. Once my daughter said to me, “Mom, make me laugh as hard as I can!” I could definitely relate to her wish. I love to laugh like that! Somehow everything feels a little better after a good laugh. I find that laughing and crying, when we really give ourselves over to them, can have similar affects. They reset us somehow — purging old energy, offering a needed pattern interrupt, and helping us manage the significant stress of uncertainty and big changes.

A willingness to watch the mystery unfold, to be OK just sitting in the mist when necessary, can help us remain relatively calm when storms surround us. Getting rid of that which no longer serves us helps us to move nimbly through tricky periods in our lives. And laughing until you snort, or worse, is an excellent idea in my opinion.

More to come on this topic soon. In the meantime…If you have some thoughts or experiences from your own life that you’d like to share, I’d like to hear them!

Wishing you a peaceful heart,


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