Turkey Tail Mushroom Therapy With Nature is better

Therapy IN nature is good – Therapy WITH nature is better

Therapy IN nature has become mainstream. Therapy WITH nature is a little different. More accurately: Therapy IN nature is good. Therapy WITH nature is better.

I have a certificate in advanced ecotherapy. Having worked with ecospiritual practices like shamanism for so long, in some ways it feels redundant to name it. Ecotherapy has become increasing popular (i.e. “Therapists Trade the Couch for the Great Outdoors”, NYTimes) so it may be helpful to explain some ways to incorporate working with nature in our sessions at WholeSpirit or together remotely.

Therapy IN Nature

There are many different approaches to incorporating aspects of nature into a therapeutic or wellness setting. One big distinction is whether we think about nature as a resource or as a partner. For example, research tells us that being outside waling in the forest has health benefits to humans. Nature provides us with something that helps us feel better, maybe it’s the terpenes, or some other substance from the flora, maybe it’s our primal reaction to moving outside surrounded by the elements. We are getting something from nature, it is a resource for us. Therapy IN nature would fall into this category.

Therapy WITH Nature

Another way to think about nature is as a partner, as a living being, as a community of living beings that coexist, support and relate to one another. This is not a new idea. See every indigenous culture’s relationship with the environment. Therapy WITH nature would approach an outdoor session a little differently. It might be subtle and mostly in the way the counselor has prepared or engaged the place or the genius loci, it might be in working directly with other beings, like partnering with horses or other animals in mutually respectful and nurturing relationships, it might be in a direct and intentional honoring and connection with the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of the place you are in. Whatever the method is, the emphasis in this way of working is to shift from seeing the natural world as there to provide us with something in a one directional way, and rather to make sure that we are engaging in a way that is reciprocal, listening as much as we are asking, offering as much as we are receiving. Essentially being right sized.

Ways of Working Together

Here are some options you can explore with me:

~ We can be together in person and sit outside while we have a session. Being outside allows us to listen to the sounds of nature and neighborhood, feel the elements, and focus on what’s around us in a different way than being inside does. We can plan for this in advance or decide spontaneously. If at any point you prefer to go back inside, that is an option.

~ Learn the Enatured™ method. It takes one session to learn, and then you can come here or do it on your own thereafter. This is a step by step process to work in partnership with the place where you are. While there is a specific intention about what you are seeking to build power in the session, we are open to magic that happens spontaneously.

~ We can work remotely, where we are outside in our respective spaces (or you are in yours). This can be an intuitive focus, a healing session, or an Enatured™ session.

~ More options can be customized to you, i.e creating ceremonies outdoors, healing and clearing especially for land and place, etc.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about how to work with ecotherapy, and ecospiritual practices.

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As always I wish you a peaceful heart,


Turkey Tail Mushroom Therapy With Nature is better

Look at this gorgeous turkey tail mushroom! Found at one of my special places pilgrimage. More on this later, but creating personal pilgrimages can be very powerful!

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