The Mysteries of Spiritual Healing, Personal Evolution & Shamanism

I’m giving a talk at the Rhine Research Center this Friday titled "A Two Part Healer’s Panel with Diana Henderson and Mara Bishop." My portion of the talk will be on "The Mysteries of Spiritual Healing, Personal Evolution & Shamanism."

We want healthy bodies and spirits. We want our lives to feel meaningful. We want our internal and external work to yield results. But the path to healing and evolution often surprises us. It twists and doubles back. We trip over hidden roots. Unexpected obstacles divert us from where we think we are headed, and cause us to question our beliefs about who we are. In practicing shamanism as a way of exploring the world our journeys take on new depth and illumination while honoring the mystery of being divinely human.

During this talk I’ll will share some experiences living and working with others to honor both the mystical and the practical to achieve optimal healing. By opening to conscious personal evolution while creating space to allow the sacred to flourish in our lives, we often find the healing that we seek for our whole selves, emotional, physical and spiritual. Experiential time using shamanic drumming will introduce how you can incorporate shamanic vision into your life.

Diana will speak on the Healer's Journey. She is always a wonderful presenter and if you haven’t met her before she is a delightful person. Here is a link for more information on Diana’s talk.

The location of the event is Stedman Auditorium on the Duke Center for Living Campus, located at 3475 Erwin Road, Durham, NC 27705. It will be held on Friday, January 21, 2011, at 7:00 – 9:30 pm. Click here for directions to Stedman.

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