Nature's Healing Movements: Be Still or Dance Like a Bird of Paradise

Should You Be Still or Dance Like a Bird-of-Paradise?

Healing with Nature’s Movements

Thrive Global recently published this article of mine on how we can heal by aligning ourselves with nature’s movements.

The squirrels in my backyard teach me quite a lot about the balance between work, play, and rest. The rush of spring and the still of winter help me learn about letting myself have seasons too. Nature’s kaleidoscopic rhythms and motions play out in tiny cells and vast galaxies, and through plants, animals, landforms, and elements. From a shamanic perspective, everything is interconnected. By modeling nature’s ancient patterns of movement, we can find harmonious ways of moving through our world today.

Nature is a perfect guide for practically everything about finding our best and healthiest selves. When we pay attention to the movements of the natural world, we learn about ourselves by focusing outside ourselves. Movement is important to our health, but exercise trends come and go. How, and how often, we should move is a frequent topic of speculation and advice. Fortunately, nature offers free and readily available guidance, not only for the physical movement of exercise, but for the more complex symbolic levels of how movement affects our total health….READ MORE

If this topic interests you, you may want to check out the journeys in Shamanism for Every Day. This is the kind of topic we explore from many different perspectives.

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