Mara BIshop deerskin drum made from found deer

Riding the Beat of the Drum, Shamans’ Drums, Sonic Driving

Shamanic drumming

My drums are precious, more like friends than objects really. Different drums have different sounds of course, but they also have different energies. Drums play an important role in shamanic practice. Shamanists alter their states of consciousness in order to perceive with a full range of senses. Drumming is one of the most common ways to make this shift. Rattles and other forms of percussion serve a similar role.

Shamans and shamanic practitioners have used drums across the globe for many thousands of years. The drum is referred to as the shaman’s “horse” or “canoe,” as it is the vehicle that brings the shaman to the spiritual worlds. Drumming, dancing, singing a power song, or being still are different ways to shift our attention from the ordinary aspects of life to what’s happening on the energetic or spiritual levels. Monotonous percussion sound, sometimes called auditory or sonic driving, includes a range of beats that is fairly consistent across cultures.

Healing Drums

Drums can be used in groups, i.e. ceremonies and drumming circles, as direct healing vibration, and to embark on a shamanic journey. Drumming of different kinds has also been shown to improve mental, physical and emotional health. Studies show drumming boosting the immune system boost, reducing anxiety and depression, helping soldiers with PTSD and healing after neurological injury.

Drumming is a subject in some of the daily journeys in Shamanism for Every Day: 365 Journeys. This daily resource guide also includes instructions for how to use drumming to take a shamanic journey. Each of the daily journeys can be used for meditation or contemplation. They are designed as a simple, no pressure way to support a daily mindful practice to help you connect to the things you are passionate about. For a free shamanic drum track, and more information about the book, shamanism or Mara, visit

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17 minute shamanic drumming with call back beat.

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