Raising Spiritually Healthy Children: Cultivating Resilience and Honoring Sensitivity

We are all born with a blueprint of core energy characteristics. This energy personality affects how we interact with others and our environment. We may be able to influence the way a child behaves (for better or worse) because children often model our actions and repeat our words. However, we are not able to change their natural temperaments. Their energetic personalities are their own.

By allowing children to be who they are, we help them stay connected to their inner divinity, an enduring source of spiritual direction not reliant on any institution or specific religion. Current research shows that the more children are connected spiritually, the more resilient they become and the less they suffer from depression and addiction as they get older. According to Dr. Lisa Miller, author of The Spiritual Child, children with a spiritual connection of some sort are 40 percent less likely to abuse substances and 60 percent less likely to become depressed as they move into their teenage and adult years.

A young child’s energetic personality is often easier to identify than an adult’s because they haven’t learned to hide it yet. As children are immersed in the environment of their homes, and surrounded by the energy of other people and the culture of their families, they start receiving explicit and implicit messages about themselves. They soon pick up on whether the way they are naturally is valued and approved, or believed to be deficient and in need of changing.

When adults are kind, respect a child’s reasonable assertion of boundaries, and communicate love and appreciation, children are enabled to grow into themselves safely. They learn to navigate the world and their relationships from a place of appropriate power. When adults do not create this kind of supportive environment, the repercussions can cause serious emotional and physical issues. This is true for all children, and especially so for empathic children.  READ MORE

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