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As if we really needed more evidence that our ecosystems are complex, self-regulating and thrive best when humans can avoid hunting, fishing, or paving things out of existence…but here we go. An issue dear to my heart is the plight of wolves in our country. I blog about it here because scientists have found more evidence to support what some of our ancestors understood and practiced. By taking a balanced approach to living in the natural world, we actually benefit ourselves. Read this article for evidence that demonstrates how wolves and other top predators benefit all levels of the food chain. Not only their direct prey, but the vegetation six steps down the chain, the trees, the water quality, and the air quality all benefit from the wolves existence. It’s beautifully and succinctly described by Mary Ellen Hannibal author of “The Spine of the Continent,” so I won’t try and paraphrase. 

We fall short of understanding the elegant functioning of nature, let alone the divine. Perhaps the approach of “do no harm” would be a helpful approach whenever possible.

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