Making the Most of Uncertainty

Uncertainty is a prevalent theme right now. Many people are experiencing a sense of impending shifts or surprising changes. This can be an uncomfortable state of anticipation, often for something that is unclear. If this situation describes where you are, know you’re not alone. Call on your best techniques for staying peaceful and connected. Here are some quick fixes:

  • Step outside and be in nature, breathe the air (yes even if it is humid), watch the birds, find a flower to smell. The cycles of nature continue even when our lives feel shaky. This is grounding.
  • Move away from your devices and move your body. Stretch, run, dance, jump up and down, whatever helps you dislodge some of the stagnant energy that accumulates uncomfortably.
  • Break your situation down into smaller pieces and only deal with one at a time, revisit others at a later date that you decide on.
  • Do something distracting that you love. Visit a friend, see a movie, read, paint, play with the dog. Get out of your head space and mulling over your situation for the umpteenth time.
  • Take care of someone else (if this is not already your job) and really sink into it. If care-taking is a big part of your day already, take some time to tend to yourself.

If you need some more specific guidance for your situation, let me know.

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Wishing you a peaceful heart,

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©2018 Mara Bishop

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