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Personal Evolution Counseling

Whether you are seeking change or change has come into your life, navigate this time as productively and gracefully as possible. Since 1995 I have been working with individuals and groups to support personal evolution. Personal Evolution Counseling™ offers you deep soul healing to release your past, intuitive practical guidance to inform your present, and compassionate grounding support as you craft your future. See what clients say about the spiritual effectiveness of Personal Evolution Counseling™.

Learn Heal Evolve

Gain a fresh perspective on who you are and the patterns at play in your life. Profoundly affect the way your life progresses by understanding the dynamics at work now and how you can change them to serve you better. Read more...

Heal at the core energetic and spiritual level, moving beyond your past into an expanded vision of your future. Using ancient shamanic and energy-based methods, you reconnect and release as needed. Read more...

Personal transformation is a combination of knowledge, healing and divine mystery. In an increasingly complex world, making time to focus on your personal evolution is important for health and peace of mind. Read more...

Inner Divinity:

Crafting Your Life
With Sacred


  • I've seen scores of conventional and holistic healers over the years — therapists, doctors, masseuses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, reiki masters, hypnotists, herbalists — and not one has been able to do for me what you have done. You helped me fix myself when no one else could.

    — K.J., Morrisville NC —

Mara Bishop

M.S. Energy Medicine
Master of Theology
Harner C.S.C.


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