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“Light” Lunch ~ Healing with Spiritual Light Virtual Gathering

March 8, 2018 @ 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm EST


Join me for a lunchtime Healing with Spiritual Light virtual gathering.

No experience necessary. Instructions will be provided.

We are living in intense times. There are many ways to respond to crisis. Sometimes immediate physical action is needed. When possible, we can send money or supplies, make phone calls, or be a patient listener. In addition to these visible methods, working in the invisible realms can have a deep effect, personally and collectively.

During this brief midday session we will connect to the divine within, not to turn away from the tragedies that are happening all around, not to navel gaze, but to create light.

The ancient principle of “as within so without” reminds us how powerful it can be when we remember our inner divinity, and see other people, places, animals and communities in their divine light as well.

Some logistics – participants will be muted, so you can eat your lunch while I introduce the work. I’ll talk for a bit at the beginning and then will lead a guided meditation to move into the healing with spiritual light space, where we’ll have sound, but no words, so you can sink in. This is personal work,  but has the potential for a greater reach as well.

These gatherings last approximately 30 mins.

Please email me for the dial in number and if you have questions.

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