Red raspberries in white dish, eating as a daily practice

Eating as a Daily Practice: Raspberries Make Me Happy!

Eating as a daily practice. Since eating is already part of our lives, it’s an opportunity for enjoyable spiritual practice. How we do it, what we eat, and with whom varies. I share some ideas in my latest article in Health & Healing. READ


Our bodies, minds, and spirits are involved when we eat; choosing how we engage with our food can impact all three. For those of us with specific health issues related to food—such as allergies, weight issues, and eating disorders—attention to eating is less a choice than a necessity. Some of us don’t have enough food for our families or ourselves, or lack access to healthy choices. If we are lucky enough to be free of significant health constraints and to have the luxury of food security, it’s easier to focus on ways of eating that weave body, mind, and spirit into powerful daily practices.In my 365 Journeys program (now a book, Shamanism for Every Day: 365 Journeys), I provide daily ideas for connecting with our innate knowledge about “feeding” ourselves. Some days that information is literally about food…


For more about my new book Shamanism for Every Day: 365 Journeys and other books I love visit my Bookshop page.  I’ve just joined this site which supports independent bookstores. I love the Regulator and Golden Fig in Durham, where I live.


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