Did you know drumming circles improve health? Why not join one in Durham?

I’m reposting this article from January in honor of the drumming circle to be held here tonight!

Shamanic communities have experienced the benefits of drumming together for thousands of years. Researchers have now documented that the benefits of participating in drumming groups extends widely from our bodies, to our mental states, to our relationships with others. Participants in studies reacted with an increase in cells related to the immune system, and had a decrease in chronic pain. Other groups experienced a decrease in anxiety and an increase in self-esteem and relaxation. Parkinson’s patients had increased motor skills after listening to the rhythmic repetition of a steady drum beat, and Alzheimer’s patients are able to connect better to loved ones after drumming. For more information about the health benefits of drumming read this article by Kimberly Ann Holle or this one by Michael Drake.

“Sonic driving” is the term for using repetitive percussion sound to shift one’s state of consciousness. It is one of the common elements used throughout shamanic cultures. In recent times, scientific studies have confirmed what indigenous cultures have learned through experience. A repetitive beat at a certain range of speeds can facilitate a shift in our brain wave patterns. Shamanic practitioners often use sonic driving when they work with clients, both as an aide in perceiving the spiritual causes of illness or imbalance and also for the direct benefits that drumming can provide to the clients.

For more information about shamanic healing sessions, classes in shamanic journeying or drumming circles, visit WholeSpirit.com or contact me via e-mail.

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