Detoxify Your Life! And keep your cookies?

A while ago I took a brave step. I invited a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach to come in and look in all my cupboards. Yes, even the sweets drawer…to her credit, she kindly averted her eyes. I wouldn’t let just anyone poke around in my kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but Wendy Kuhn is not just anyone. Full disclosure, she is a good friend and I trust her implicitly.

Wendy is one of those unique people with excellent right brain/left brain balance. She is an IT consultant and a Holistic Health Coach. She is also a breast cancer survivor and is super knowledgeable about healthy products and easy tricks for detoxifying your life. Her company is Break Through Consulting LLC and this particular service is called Break Through to a Healthier Home.

My fear was that I would feel judged about the food in my cupboards…yes, we eat cookies, pasta, chocolate and gasp…she found colored sprinkles! Still no judging. Instead, she very kindly talked with me about the ingredients in the foods and beauty products we used. She offered options that were less toxic, and sometimes less expensive. She even took a photo of our favorite shampoo to track it down in a database that ranks products for safe vs. toxic ingredients and found us a better solution.

If you are like me you care, really care, about what you are putting in and on your body; however, keeping track of what brands and ingredients are supposedly healthy sometimes feels like a part time job that there isn’t time for. Working with Wendy helped. 

Ultimately, our cupboards weren’t that bad (unless she took it REALLY easy on me!), and I know I can call on her to help me sort out what the current wisdom is. She tries to keep things simple and works with your style. For example, if you are a DIY kind of person, she has great ideas for making your own household and body products (my skin is smoother now). Or, if time is more precious to you, she can show you a line of products that is thoroughly vetted to be toxin free (with zero of the salesiness which we don’t like).

You can have her come out once, or she can work with you over a series of sessions to meet your goals of a healthy home. She’s also just a lovely person, so I thought I’d share her with you. And she let me keep my cookies!

Often we are not aware of the toxins that lurk in the most ordinary products. The Break Through to a Healthier Home service is an opportunity to look at your pantry, your bathroom cabinets, and even that dreaded area under your sink to determine if there are less toxic choices available. This service provides you the chance to learn more and have more control over the choices that you make every day that impact you and your family. Based on your goals for your home, Wendy identifies potential problems that are in conflict with those goals and recommends approaches to remedy the problems. Intrigued? Call Wendy at 919-605-1069 or email her at

Wishing you a peaceful heart,

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