Choosing Shamanic Practitioners and Teachers

Finding Qualified, Ethical Teachers and Practitioners  

The value of shamanic healing is becoming recognized in our culture and more people are seeking it. As methods such as soul retrieval become increasingly familiar there are more people doing the work, or interested in learning. This is generally a good thing. It gives the client more practitioners to choose from. But how does one pick a practitioner or teacher?

Personal referrals can be helpful. Making sure a practitioner is well trained is a good idea. Always trust your own instincts about whether a practitioner feels like a good match for you. Someone can be a good practitioner, but not the right fit for you.

When working on the spiritual level, ethics and the use of power are extremely important. In advising potential clients I suggest that they consider some of the criteria I’ve mentioned, and if they are not able (or it’s not a good fit) to work with me personally I suggest they visit is a community of practitioners and teachers connected, trained, and thoroughly screened by Sandra Ingerman.

Although I do not know all the practitioners on this list personally, I know Sandra, her impeccable ethics, and her high standards for care and instruction. I know that she will remove a person from this list if they do not treat people in a way that meets those standards.

This is a cooperative group. Our intention is to support each other in doing this work, for the greater good of our clients and the global community.

For more information about Sandra visit her site.

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