Body Language and Power TED Talk with Amy Cuddy

What we send into the world has power. What we project physically, verbally, emotionally, energetically all takes some form and returns to us. I found this TED talk titled “Body Language Shapes Who You Are” interesting and at times moving.

Amy Cuddy, a professor at Harvard Business School, is an engaging presenter. I think she may be hitting on the business school version of something analogous to the mudras (minus the sacredness). Think about what might happen if we adopt her practice of using physical power positions to generate internal power on a daily basis? Of course, I like to think about them in the context of spiritual power, generating peace, alignment, etc., rather than dominance, but she is helping us recognize that certain physical “positions” can help us feel confident of our own personal power, better able to shine, speak up, be grounded, etc. Sound familiar, practitioners of tai chi, qigong, yoga? Anyway. Not my usual post, but I found it interesting.

Wishing you peace (and power),


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